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Congratulation to Mr. Jivya Soma Mhase! Padmashree (Warli art)

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यूवा आदिवासी मित्रमंडळ वेवजी यांनी २८ डिसेँबर या दिवसी वार्षीक बक्षीष समारंभाचा कार्यक्रम आयोजीत करण्याचे ठरविले आहे या निमित्ताने आपन आम्हाला काही डोनर मिळवू द्याल काय ? आमचे मंडळ एक संस्था म्हणून नोँदनी झालेला आहे रजिस्ट्रेसन नंबर आहे महाराष्ट्र .१८२० । १३ । ठाणे असे आहे जर कोणी मदत देणार असेल तर


welcome to our page

hi friends welcome to our page !

this is place for all who belongs to Ashram shala any how.

aashram schools are run by ITDP [Integrated Trbal Developement Project Dahanu] [Ekatmik aadivasi vikas prakalp dahanu] which is playing important role to educated our tribals,runs many programmes for tribal developement...

# main aim behind creating this page is -
- connect the past students from ashram shala
- connect professionals & students to share knowledge & career related issues
- to collect feedback & improvement opporunities for better life of tribal students
- this place is to share opinion/ suggestions about improving the performance of ITDP work. at many places ITDP's work can be done in better way, so please list the suggestions.

this is like allumuni of all past student of Govt Ashram school (shashkiy aashram shala )..

so please help our students for there bright future & also to ITDP to do work in better way.

join AYUSH mail blast at adiyuva@gmail.com

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